Qu'est-ce-que fucking dit?! (setzer_gabbiani) wrote in doom_magazine,
Qu'est-ce-que fucking dit?!

Hello, fools!

Well, DOOM hasn't been updated in a while, but we haven't forgotten it... Everyone has been so busy lately... Antonius is currently without his computer, and with the summer underway early this year, he's been so busy trying to incorporate capri pants into his military uniforms, and hasn't had much time to update. (We can all relate to that!)

Meanwhile, I've been dealing with personal problems (such as stockpiling hair gel and ammunition for the coming revolution), and I've been working with my old friends down at Malebolge Labs trying to create a GREAT new natural disaster- massive tornados that ignite houses and induce breast cancer within a 1 mile radius of the touchdown point- However, we've been really caught up in beta testing!

As for our Diva, I can only assume that due to the changing temperatures, her makeup application is taking most of her time. I can't be certain, because she hasn't let anyone into her dressing room, but she does keep calling in refills on her FenFen, so one can only speculate.

And Joe is busy doing the musical superstar/superheroine thing now, as the new Jem. (Stay tuned for more Tales of Joe updates). If you'd like to have sex with him, his AIM name is Wild Eyez 00 (please, no freaks)

Anyway, in the meantime, feel free to take the quiz again and masturbate freely to DOOM Magazine. We'll be back at it soon enough (when we said we run on a strictly whenever-the-hell-we-feel-like-it schedule, we fucking meant it. Now stop guilting me.)
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