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Welcome, fools!

Welcome to the official DOOM Magazine Livejournal Community. This is the place to discuss DOOM articles, talk directly with the DOOM staff, share ideas, offer up suggestions and information, and other such rituals of absolute darkness. We'll keep you informed on DOOM updates, changes, and other things in this community, plus it will let you give us some of your ideas and thoughts.

1. No cross posting. We won't check each and every entry you make to assure you haven't, but if it looks like you have, then your post will be deleted. Cross posting is for sightless undersea creatures and flabby babies, and we will not tolerate it.

2. Keep your damn arguments in your own journals. No one wants to hear about that shit.

3. Community promotions? Hell no. There is a perfectly good community by the name of community_promo to do that in.

4. No having sex with Joe. It's really bad for your immune system.

5. If the Diva starts to push you around, let her. It's a lot easier for everyone else if you just humor her.

6. And finally, use your common sense, keep your MP up, and have a damned good time. Just don't come crying to us if you lose your soul.
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Oh darling, I'm so happy! Our child is all grown up now!
Dude, I happen to be a sightless undersea creature!

And what happens if Diva pushes you onto Joe? Is it possible to get off him without having sex with him?